WORD Staff Favorites of the Year

Aly's List

Four monks, some artists, and a vulva walk into a small town bar. 

Amanda's List

Lots and lots of tears, prose that reads like poetry, impressionistic imagery, kissing and more kissing... 

Davi's List

My year was spent locking horns with various demons, so in reading I sought laughter and a doorway out.

Hanz's List

My reading can be described as the middle of the Venn diagram between Hip Hop Gospel + Female Led Punk + Lofi to Dance to

Holly's List

Books took me globe-trotting, time-traveling, and heart-excavating this year.  

Jasper's List

I really fell in love with audiobooks this year.

Mindy's List

Like any other not-so-well-adjusted adult, I like outsourcing my emotional needs onto books. 

Nicole's List

I feel like when you get fantastic illustrations next to an awesome story it's like you win twice!

Sarah's List

It has been a year of exploration, both within the self and in worlds apart from my own.

Steven's List

 Experimental jet set, trash, and fart jokes! No guilty pleasures ever!

Will's List

Lots of Indie Horror and exploring new manga. This sums up my year kind of perfectly.