Staff Picks


Jasper, Bookseller, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: While my love for books was found later in life than most, I couldn't imagine surrounding myself with anything else. I gravitate toward books rooted with science fiction, and fantasy elements but ANY story that focuses on strong and sturdy characters will surely pique my interest. Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga are strong contenders for my heart as well. Characters > Writing Style > Plot.


Will, Floor Manager, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Will is one of WORD's horror and weird fiction booksellers. If you're looking for sci-fi, horror or modern fantasy come find him.


Amanda, Floor Manager & Children's Buyer, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: All Amanda requires out of the books she reads is that they display vulnerability, humor, deep emotional intelligence, and articulate aspects of the human experience in new and unusual ways. And kissing. She likes books with kissing.



Deidre, Operations Director, Brooklyn & Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: For Deidre, the path to this career began when she was able to read books that allowed her to know that her circumstances were never permanent. It expanded when she found that the words and ideas she held on to from books allowed her to navigate the world with confidence and curiosity. It blossomed when she stumbled upon the revolutionary stories written by women of color in her WGSS classrooms. If she could describe her reading tastes with one quote look no further than the OG awkward black girl Issa Rae, "I'm rootin' for errbody black."

Lorenzo, Bookseller, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Lorenzo is an amateur reader trying to go pro. He tends to read post-modern fiction (Pynchon, Vonnegut, Burroughs), or books on Buddhism, meditation, and spirituality. He's also a big fan of poets like Mary Oliver, William Carlos Williams, and Walt Whitman.


Steven, Floor Manager, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Steven has been a bookseller in some (every) capacity since 2010. This means that he is very strong. He's faster than a book! In his experience, most books are about monsters or punk rock or cooking or the terrible things that have happened in history. Would you like to see these books?


Davi, Retail Director & Buyer, Brooklyn & Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Davi has had his dream job of bookseller since he was legally old enough to work and strolled into a Borders Books and Music. He reads anything that’s well-written and quite a lot that isn’t!

Hanz, Bookseller, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Hanz Odaga is a passionate reader of sci-fi that takes a strong political stance, verbose poetry that reflects on life, food lit and teens saving the world. Whether it is traditional, graphic, or a collection he's down to delve deep and probably miss his subway stop because of it.

Mindy, Bookseller, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: Mindy's approach to picking books is like that song lyric that is all, 'I know a little bit about a lot of things, but I don't know enough about YOU'. And 'you' being history, or sci-fi/fantasy, or cookbooks, or memoirs, or mysteries...

Aly, Bookseller, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: Aly tries to read broadly, but she definitely prefers poetic prose with a bit of magic. Entangled storylines, smart humor, and hopeful honesty tend to pull her in, and by the end of a strange enough book she’s prone to have a crush on the author.

Holly, Bookseller, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: Holly was once called a "nonfiction queen" and she has proudly taken up the title. Within that genre, she typically reads lesser-known history, anything social scienc-y, and memoirs. When it comes to fiction, she has a soft spot for elderly protagonists and stories that involve resilience, hope, and honesty. Recommending books is Holly's love language.

Nicole, Children's Event Manager, Brooklyn, NY & Jersey City, NJ

Bookseller Bio: I'm probably the toughest person to get books for- what's on my shelf changes by the day, by the hour, by mood. One thing that's reliable, is I always have a few books half-read and always have book guilt because of that! I love magical realism stories (Neil Gaiman, Gabriel Garcia Marquez), suspense thrillers, especially with a psychological twist (Gillian Flynn), short story collections (Florida by Lauren Groff), and nonfiction musings on consciousness and time (Sy Montgomery, Thomas Lynch). I also adore beautiful picture books, timeless middle-grade novels, and graphic novels with humor, mythos, or suspense- but always with gorgeous art!

Rachel, Marketing Consultant, Jersey City, NJ & Brooklyn, NY 

Bookseller Bio: Rachel has loved books since reading the lost classic, "The Pig's Breakfast," to her kindergarten class. She likes literary fiction, sci-fi, YA, middle grade, short story and essay collections, and lots of non-fiction. She's been an indie bookseller, author (The Happy Book, The Ghostly Tales of Long Island), VP of marketing and publicity for a trade publisher, and a book festival director. She's a volunteer on the Book Industry Charitable Foundation Development and Communications team. And of course, she has cats--Marty, Foster, and Cupcake.

Chris, Bookseller, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: I am in love with David Foster Wallace though I promise I'm not horrible about it. In general, I read mostly short stories or giant tomes though I'll read anything strongly recommended to me.