Staff Picks

Aly (she/her), Bookseller & Merchandise Manager, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: Aly tries to read broadly, but she definitely prefers poetic prose with a bit of magic. Entangled storylines, smart humor, and hopeful honesty tend to pull her in, and by the end of a strange enough book she’s prone to have a crush on the author.


Eileen (she/her), Bookseller, Brooklyn & Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: My three loves in life are books, coffee, and drinking coffee while reading a book. Bonus points if the book includes any of the following: unhinged female main characters, murder in an academic setting, or enemies-to-lovers slow-burn smut. Come find me for lit-fic recs or bird facts!



Hanz (he/him), Bookseller, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: If I was at a party surrounded by the characters from my personal library, I'd see tons of humble queer bipoc folk from sci-fi &  fantasy universes bonding with the global proletariat who've all struggled to build community inward and outward.  With the added bonus of absolutely excellent food fully representing our fine blue marble. Admission is free but we'll ask you a odd question at the door.

Holly (she/her), Bookseller & Social Media Manager, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: Holly is the resident nonfiction nerd. Within the genre, she typically reads lesser-known history, anything social scienc-y, and memoirs. When it comes to fiction, she has a soft spot for elderly protagonists and stories that involve resilience, hope, and honesty. Recommending books is Holly's love language.

Jerakah (they/them), Bookseller, Brooklyn  

Bookseller Bio: Jerakah has wanted to be a bookseller since they were a wee lad. An avid poetry reader, Jerakah is excited to recommend both classics and new poems. They also love weird fiction—the weirder the better.

Mindy (she/her), Bookseller & Programs Manager, Brooklyn

Bookseller Bio: Mindy's approach to picking books is like that song lyric that is all, 'I know a little bit about a lot of things, but I don't know enough about YOU'. And 'you' being history, or sci-fi/fantasy, or cookbooks, or memoirs, or mysteries...

Nicole (she/her), Children's Bookseller, Jersey City, NJ

Bookseller Bio: The books I read as a young child and teen helped shape me into the woman I am today and gave me an appreciation for all different genres. If you need any assistance with classics or are looking for something new and specific I can definitely help you find something great. When I’m not enjoying the nostalgia and happiness that children’s literature brings you can catch me reading fantasy, sci-fi, manga, and anything that will send me on an emotional rollercoaster.


Salma (she/her), Bookseller, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: One thing about me is if a book makes me cry, it is undoubtedly going on my favorites shelf. Aside from tearjerkers, I love reading character-driven books with strong inner monologues and anything with a wholesome found family trope.




Steven (he/him), Store Manager, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Steven has been a bookseller in some (every) capacity since 2010. This means that he is very strong. He's faster than a book! In his experience, most books are about monsters or punk rock or cooking or the terrible things that have happened in history. Would you like to see these books?



Will (he/him), Floor Manager, Jersey City

Bookseller Bio: Will is one of WORD's horror and weird fiction booksellers. If you're looking for sci-fi, horror or modern fantasy come find him.