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Gird your loins and tighten your stays! WORD has a Romance Book Club.There's a myth that reading romance will instantly make you a spinster cat lady with dust-filled ovaries. But spinsters don't have to deal with pesky kids and husbands, which means they have lots of time to read — and that sounds pretty good to us. Join us on the first Saturday of the month to read about smart women finding respect and love without compromise, to explore the intricacies of the female fantasy, and to consume many bottles of wine!

The group is curated and led by Maddie Caldwell and meets on the first Saturday of the month at 2:45 p.m.

Book group selections are 10 percent off the month before discussion at WORD.



Can a mail order bride find love with two husbands?


It doesn't take long for Julie Baptiste to realize she yearns for more than the non-stop engagements and niceties dictated by New York high society. So, she decides to do something bold and answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride in Gold Sky, Montana. Ex-Union soldiers Forrest Wickes and William Barnes have been inseparable since the War. They share everything, including the desire to find a wife. A woman who is willing to marry them both and provide the isolated town with a much needed teacher. When Julie arrives in Montana the three of them must figure out how to navigate the boundaries of their new lives. Can Forrest and Will come together to provide what Julie needs and protect the heart of the woman who's made her way intimately into theirs? And how will a debutante-turned-teacher manage frontier life with two husbands?


Heart and Hand is a romantic and passionate MMF romance and Book 1 in the Golden Sky Series.



About the Author(s):

Rebel Carter loves love. So much in fact that she decided to write the love stories she desperately wanted to read. A book by Rebel means diverse characters, sexy banter, a real big helping of steamy scenes, and, of course, a whole lotta heart. Rebel lives in Colorado, makes a mean espresso, and is hell-bent on filling your bookcase with as many romance stories as humanly possible!



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Maddie Caldwell has been reading romance novels since she first stole one off her grandmother's bookshelf 15 years ago. To fill the time in between trips to Regency London and the Demon Realms, she works as an editor at Grand Central Publishing and anthropomorphizes her dog, Kevin.