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A group dedicated to short stories. A Collection will be picked and 1 or 2 stories will be chosen on for most of our focus. Towards the end of our time, we will open up to see if anyone wants to talk about any other stories in the collection. In the future, maybe we put the story we focus on up to a vote.


Book group selections are 10 percent when purchased at WORD. 


Book Description: 

We were peering into this darkness, criss-crossed with voices, when the change took place: the only real, great change I ve ever happened to witness, and compared to it the rest is nothing. from The Complete Cosmicomics

Italo Calvino s beloved cosmicomics cross planets and traverse galaxies, speed up time or slow it down to the particles of an instant. Through the eyes of an ageless guide named Qfwfq, Calvino explores natural phenomena and tells the story of the origins of the universe. Poignant, fantastical, and wise, these thirty-four dazzling stories collected here in one definitive anthology relate complex scientific and mathematical concepts to our everyday world. They are an indelible (and unfailingly delightful) literary achievement.


About the Author(s):

Italo Calvino (1923-1985) attained worldwide renown as one of the twentieth century s greatest storytellers. Born in Cuba, he was raised in San Remo, Italy, and later lived in Turin, Paris, Rome, and elsewhere. Among his many works are the novels If on a winter s night a traveler and The Baron in the Trees, as well as numerous collections of fiction, folktales, criticism, and essays. His work has been translated into dozens of languages.



About the Book Club Facilitator: 

Chris Terranova is an excitable connoiseur of the eloquent, the uncanny, the sacred, and the profane.  When he is not selling books, he can be found watching old movies, selling magic beans, and grinding your bones to make his bread.