Literary Candle - Idlewild


Step into L.M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables with this WORD-exclusive Idlewild candle.

"You know that little piece of land across the brook that runs up between our farm and Mr. Barry's. It belongs to Mr. William Bell, and right in the corner there is a little ring of white birch trees -- the most romantic spot, Marilla. Diana and I have our playhouse there. We call it Idlewild. Isn't that a poetical name? I assure you it took me some time to think it out. I stayed awake nearly a whole night before I invented it. Then, just as I was dropping off to sleep, it came like an inspiration. Diana was enraptured when she heard it. We have got our house fixed up elegantly. You must come and see it, Marilla -- won't you?" 

Floral and sweet, with notes of tulum. Hand-poured in Brooklyn by Anai Candle.

Price: $35.00