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About the Bohemian Magick

Veronica Varlow, an internationally renowned witch descended from five generations of Czech-Romani witches, healer, and burlesque performer, has written an empowering book that speaks to this huge audience of people searching to find or reclaim their truest selves, to live authentically, or she refers to it, their “Wild.” She believes your life is the greatest spell you will ever cast and that you already possess a unique magick, whether you’ve forgotten it, abandoned it, buried it, or have an inkling of it.

That’s why she wrote BOHEMIAN MAGICK (Harper Design)—to help you unlock, welcome, and nurture your truest self. The book is a grimoire of spells that combines the never-before-revealed secrets of her Bohemian ancestry with her unique brand of rock and roll magick. Along with a rich, colorful selection of art, illustrations, and photography, BOHEMIAN MAGICK begins with a step-by-step course in Varlow’s method of spellcasting, The School of Spectaculus. It offers advice on setting the intention of a spell, how to imbue the words and spell itself with a personal signature, and how to send it out to the world with great power. The balance of the book offers a series of Initiations, each devoted to a particular theme: self-confidence, healing self-empowerment, self-love, and romantic love. It’s filled with personal stories and tales from the Witch Camps she holds every summer—and all combine to create a book that feels like a rare, beloved treasure filled with the special secrets and methods of a lineage witch.


About the Author

Veronica Varlow is the last of a line of Bohemian Witches, a fourth-generation intuitive, and international burlesque showgirl. She is a confidence and sensuality coach who has been featured on the Tonight Show, Playboy, CNN, and MTV in 150 countries worldwide. She’s also appeared on the podcast “Stars like Us” with Aliza Kelly. Her client list includes Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Creative Time with David Byrne, and the Whitney Museum. She performs love rituals, couples rituals, and healing rituals all over the underground art scene in New York City at events curated by House of Yes, Shanghai Mermaid, Dances of Vice, Lust, Vox Noctem, and You Are So Lucky. She also writes a regular column called “Life of a Love Witch” for Enchanted Living magazine.

Varlow is your badass mentor, best friend, therapist, and veteran witch, and she shows up—with all her sensitivity, supportive energy, and humor—for you to find that magick, to reclaim your uncensored, most powerful self. Each Initiation offers a conversation with Varlow on each topic, followed by a fictional journey that puts the reader in the mindset to conduct the powerful step-by-step spells that fill each Initiation, such as:

  • “Hello, I Love You,” which builds self-confidence through using a small mirror and the use of your name
  • “Search and Destroy,” a freeing ritual built around removing negative thoughts that cloud your mindset, with the help of a china plate, a marker, and a hammer
  • “Magic Bus,” in which you build a team of your heroes from the afterlife to help you achieve a dream (hitting up David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix or Frida Kahlo is fair game).


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Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft and Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life By Veronica Varlow Cover Image
ISBN: 9780063027381
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Published: Harper - November 2nd, 2021

“The remarkable Veronica Varlow seizes life with both hands and bends it to her will. Learn from her.” —Neil Gaiman