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WORD Exclusive! Signed Copies of The 1619 Project

UPDATE (9/7/2021): We have reached our quantity limit on signed copies! We are still accepting pre-orders, but they will be unsigned. 



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Teacher Appreciation Week 2021!

Teachers always go above and beyond to make learning interesting and fun ,and this past year has been no exception. Educators have worked hard to engage students in the virtual classroom and adapt to the ever-changing challenges of teaching in this brave new world. We all know teachers put in a lot of work (and often their own cash) towards making the learning environment engaging and ensuring there are good books available in their classrooms.

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WORD Loves Peter Brown!

We couldn't be more excited to offer signed and personalized copies of Peter Brown's incredible picture books! Several of our staff are obsessed with Mr. Tiger and every one of Peter's stories, so we're glad to do our part to spread the joy to failies everywhere.

Order your signed and personalized copies of Peter's most recent book, Fred Gets Dressed below. In addition, you can order a signed copy of Peter's backlist titles. 


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March 2021: New Titles for Kids and YA


But these books are all NEW and packed full. of. worlds to be discovered and lives to live through! 

There are so many new books out this month, but we've curated this list of some of the title we're most excited to get our hands on. Add them to your To Be Read pile today!

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Born to Read Book Club


We're all feeling a little cooped up right now, especially young people with lots of energy to spare. Who doesn't want to hit the road in search of a little adventure? Well, we may not be able to hit the road, but we can still go on a journey together into books in search of some fun!

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His Dark Materials


Season 2 of the hit series is all wrapped up, and we're aching for more adventures of Lyra and Will. With no alethiometer to tell us when to expect the next season, we. can't. wait. 
If you can't wait for the next season either- grab the series and forge ahead! Or take a deeper dive into the story with his new book, additional tales, graphic novels and more. 



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January 2021: New titles for kids and YA

With so many new books coming out each month, it's hard to keep track! The start of 2021 is no exception. Click through for some of the best books hitting our shelves this month for kids and YA and order your copies today! 
New release dates are January 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. 

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WORD Birthday Club

Want to treat the 18-and-under kid in your life? Sign them up for our birthday club! During the month of their birthday, they'll get a Happy Birthday postcard and coupon, good for 20% off books and toys.

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