Check out our curated gift lists as compiled by our passionate & well-read booksellers. 


For Young Bookworms

Explore curated lists for kids from newborn to teen!

For the Foodie

Cookbooks & food writing we recommend.

For the History Aficionado

Both nonfiction & fiction to feed their fascination.

For the Artistic Type

Art books and creative musings.

For the Voracious Reader

Some under-the-radar literary fiction we love.

For the Lover of Love

Romances that made us swoon.

For the TikTok Denizen

A little bit of dystopia, a lot of sharp commentary.

For the Jetsetter

Records of places and people the world over.

For the Film Fan

Books on craft, reflections on the industry, and novels set in Hollywood.

For the Nature Enthusiast

Scientific accounts & fictional reflections of nature's splendors.

For the Homebody

Books that are good for curling up under a warm blanket.

For the Nerdy Type

From sci-fi to Comic Con.

For the Ones Who Love Ghost Stories

We've got horror, thriller, and spooky histories.

For the Audiophile

Music, musicians, and histories of eras.

For Gentlemen of a Certain Age

Books about war, philosophy, and history.

For the Grieving

Books to comfort and offer hope.

For the Multi-Passionate

How to make coffee, or repair a bike, or write a song, or...

For the Philosopher

Thoughts, musics, and provocations.

For the Non-Readers

Puzzles, beanies, and hoodies await.