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05/01/2024 - 7:00pm


About the Book

The Great Gatsby is known for the glitz and glamour of Gilded Age plutocrats; in The Last Green Light, the working people of Fitzgerald's novel get to tell their own, beautifully textured tale. Meet Jon Laine, a Midwesterner who captains one of the rumrunning boats that are the source of Gatsby's great wealth; enter a colorful netherworld of diner cooks, dump scavengers, secretaries, deckhands and car mechanics caught in the increasingly deadly conflict between organized crime syndicates, amid the murderous passions of caste-busting love. From movie stars to dark freighters, Wobblies to Harlem nightclubs The Last Green Light, like a jazz improvisation, riffs on a great American novel, creating its own, unique world in the process.


About the authors

George(s) Michelsen Foy is a Franco-American novelist and essayist. His thirteen novels (the latest, Enquête sur Kamanzi, Editions Globophile, Paris, 2018; and Mettle, 2010, University Press of New England*) were published by, among others, Bantam-Doubleday-Dell, Viking Penguin, University Press of New England, Bastei Lubbe (Germany). A new novel, The Last Green Light, will be published by Guernica Editions (Toronto / Chicago) in May, 2024. Foy's short fiction and essays have been published in Ep;phany Journal, Washington Square Review, Monkey Bicycle, Apeiron, Notre Dame Review, American Literary Review, et al. Of his novel To Sleep with Ghosts, Nobel prize-winner Doris Lessing wrote, “[Foy is] a storyteller who, like Conrad, can compress into a tale you can’t put down all the complexities of a time and place.” ... Foy's long-form non-fiction has been published in Harper’s, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Men's Journal, Slate et al. His latest non-fiction book, Run the Storm, was published in May, 2018, by Scribner. Another non-fiction work, Finding North: How navigation makes us human, came out with Flatiron / Macmillan in 2016. A non-fiction book on silence (Zero Decibels: The Search for Absolute Silence, Scribner) was published in 2011. A quartet of futurist novels, originally published by Bantam Spectra, is currently being reissued in e-book form by Lume Books UK. GM Foy was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in fiction, and has won a Joe Gouveia Poetry award as well as prizes in Ep;phany Journal's, Cutthroat Journal's, Fiction Factory's and Forword 's fiction contests. Foy lives in Brooklyn and southeastern New England and teaches writing at NYU. At various times in a checkered career he was smuggled into Afghanistan with a rebel patrol and witnessed bombing raids on guerrilla camps in Central Africa; he also worked as a factory-hand, agricultural laborer, commercial fisherman, watchkeeping officer on British tramp freighters, and as chief cream-pastry transporter for a cakes factory in West London.




The Last Green Light By George Foy Cover Image
ISBN: 9781771838870
Availability: In stock at Brooklyn or Jersey City -- click for more details
Published: Guernica Editions - May 1st, 2024

The Great Gatsby is known for the glitz and glamour of Gilded Age plutocrats; in The Last Green Light, the working people of Fitzgerald's novel get to tell their own, beautifully textured tale.

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