Doneraile Court: The Story of The Lady Freemason

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About the Novel

A young woman faces death when caught spying on a secret society in the middle of an ancient initiation ritual. Based on a true story.

Ireland, 1712. Elizabeth St. Leger was used to doing as she pleased and apologizing later, if necessary. It usually worked with her mother and always worked with her father. However, simply saying sorry did not work. The night she was caught eavesdropping on gentlemen in the middle of a dark and bloody ceremony in her home, Doneraile Court. Bound and blindfolded, she listened to the men debate unusual ways to kill her, until one suggested another option that would change history for the world's oldest fraternity forever.

About the Author

Kathleen Aldworth Foster is a veteran journalist and tv news producer who spent 25 years covering major breaking news including 9/11, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, and interviewing heads of state around the world. She discovered the story of The Lady Freemason through genealogical research. This is her first novel. Kathleen is a lifelong lover of history, travel, and old houses. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Chris and twin daughters Elizabeth and Mary.


“Doneraile Court is a fascinating tale, beautifully written, and well researched. It is set at a pivotal time for Freemasonry… and on one particular night when a family had a need to make life or death decisions.”-  Christopher Knight, Co-Author of The Hiram Key

Doneraile Court is a tremendous feat of historical fiction that is so comprehensive as to provide a model for other works. It is an intriguing and important window, not only on the world’s oldest fraternity, but on Irish provincial relationships among the landed gentry, aristocracy, and their social set.”  -   W. Bro. David J. Butler, PhD, Provincial Grand Librarian & Archivist, Provincial Grand Lodge of Munster 

"From the moment I stepped through the welcoming doors of 'Doneraile Court' I was captured. A Freemason myself it was great to see such an accomplished telling of a story I was already familiar with. Not only does the author make you care about the characters but you can see she has done her research ... but there are still a few secrets we won't share ;) I recommend this novel to lovers of mystery and history and wait with bated breath to see what Kathleen Aldworth Foster gives us next.” - David S., Youghal, Ireland

"I had to finish this outstanding book in one sitting! It's so AMAZING and addictive. The characters literally come alive in your imagination.” - Sheila O., Mallow, Ireland