Cancer's Best Medicine: A Self-Help and Wellness Guide (Paperback)

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We are losing the war on cancer. Our approach is all wrong. We refer to the tumor as "the cancer", when really the tumor is but a symptom. And cancer itself is the PROCESS that caused the symptom. "Treatment" efforts almost always ignore one proven fact: the fact that cancer is a chronic metabolic disease arising from dietary deficiency. Cancer's Best Medicine -- A Self-Help and Wellness Guide (second edition) is a 64-page book packed with practical information that can be useful in preventing and overcoming cancer. It is sure to attract the interest of readers who desire to take greater responsibility for their health and wellbeing. This book offers a new way of thinking about cancer. And if we are to ever conquer cancer, it is vital that we understand that the tumor symptom is not the same as the underlying cancer process that produced it. It is important to commit to a few back to basics changes in one's diet and lifestyle -- changes that can destroy the malfunctioning process that produces tumor symptoms. This book is well researched, containing an index, a bibliography, a recipe section, and a very thoughtful Q & A section.
The author's user-friendly writing style shows the reader how to nourish his or her body so that the cancer process that gives rise to tumors cannot thrive. "Cancer's Best Medicine", second edition, is less concerned with getting rid of the smoke (e.g., the tumor) and more concerned with things we each can do to put out the fire that caused the smoke. It is not a book about conventional cancer treatment, nor is it about alternative cancer "treatment". The emphasis is simply on nourishing one's body with mainly plant-based foods, and healthy thoughts and actions that greatly strengthen the body's healing power. This is the author's third book written on this subject.

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