Secrets of Longevity: Take the 30 Day Methuselah Challenge to Live Like a Centenarian (Paperback)

Secrets of Longevity: Take the 30 Day Methuselah Challenge to Live Like a Centenarian By Colby Mickelson Cover Image
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Secrets of Longevity
Take the 30 Day Methuselah Challenge to Live Like a Centenarian

I want to live to be at least 100 years old, maybe longer. I want to be around long enough to tell my great (maybe even great-great) grandchildren what life was like for me "when I was their age."

I don't just want to live. I want to thrive I want to become the best me that I can be. Change can be hard for some people, and it must be taken on slowly. That's why I didn't just give you a diet or exercise plan and promise you instant results. The challenge I have developed goes much deeper than that.

You have to think beyond fads. You have to think beyond popping a pill. You have to dive deeper into changing yourself for the better than what most "solutions" would have you think.

People who live to be 100+ years old share similar habits in terms of what they choose to eat, how they choose to eat, what sort of exercise they perform, and how they deal with stress. Most centenarians have a unique outlook on life, health, spirituality, and purpose.

The saying is true that "If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got." If you want to see changes such as losing weight, lowering your blood pressure, and shrinking your waist size, then you have to enact changes. You have to learn to develop real, positive, long-term habits that will impact your life in ways you can't imagine - until you try them

In my book, I will describe to you exactly how I made real changes in my lifestyle with proven positive results. I examined the lives of those who have lived a very long time and incorporated that into a 30-day challenge.

We'll talk candidly about:

  • Food - good and not-so-good foods
  • Blood pressure and how to regulate it
  • Common diet and exercise terms and what they mean
  • Longevity and advice that people who have lived a century give to us

Then, I will lead you through the changes you need to implement to look and feel your best. Each day of the 30-day challenge presents some "homework" that will be a habit you will need to address.

At the end of this book, I will share with you two real-life stories of positive, lasting change. If we could do it, so can you

Obviously, absolutely no one on Earth is perfect, but here is a friendly heads-up in advance for anyone who is stubborn and unwilling to make any positive lifestyle and attitude changes, even in the slightest: this may not be the book for you. But, if you are absolutely, one hundred percent certain that you want to live a long, happy life, and are fully committed to the minor discipline and willpower that comes with that, then you should buy this book.

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