My Heart Still Beats for You (Compact Disc)

My Heart Still Beats for You By Tina Marie, Georgie Kimble (Read by), Ace Bentley (Read by) Cover Image
By Tina Marie, Georgie Kimble (Read by), Ace Bentley (Read by)
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Inaya has it all, or so she thought. She has the man, house, car, and kids. But being with Phantom ends up being a nightmare instead of a fairy tale. With death at his back and women at his feet, the drama never ends. Inaya can't understand why her man is in love with the streets and continues to put their relationship at risk. Phantom enjoys long walks to the bank, nights in the trap, and sliding in his girl anytime he wants. But his enemies are coming to destroy all of the things he loves and on top of that, his girl wants him to walk away. Never one to back down, he chooses the streets first and Inaya second. Can this couple survive long enough to make their relationship work or will their world go up in a cloud of smoke?

Azia has spent her whole life as Phantom's little sister and having a crazy older brother had its perks. But all the secrets she hides from her brother wasn't one of them. Just when Phantom steps back and lets her live her life with her new man, her past threatens to reveal itself to everyone around her. Surrounded by danger, revelations, and a man who will spend money on her but not time, will Azia run to the arms of the only man who doesn't give her her way?

Zionni was a part of a no-nonsense family. His cousin Kem ran the streets of NY with an iron fist and Zi did the same in Miami. Women to him just meant one thing, a good time, and settling down was not a part of the plan. The only girl he had time for was his friend Azia. Being there for her was easy, even if it meant telling her no sometimes. Will he realize he loves her before it's too late and she settles for someone else?

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ISBN: 9798212532815
Publisher: Recorded Books, Inc.
Publication Date: May 15th, 2023
Language: English