A Heart as Red as Paint (Paperback)

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"Deck the halls with bells and folly..."

Helen Bell has changed since facing off with Mara Rouge in the Quarrel of Sword and Bone. But so has Winter.

When a Timepiece crosses the intersect to give Helen a set of three warnings in the form of a puzzle, she's forced to re-enter the world she thought she might never see again to solve it before she meets a deadly end.

But things are different in Winter. Things that were once proudly colourful have been painted red, and the Patrolman who swore to always be there for her has his own demons to face. Helen is forced to hide in plain sight by impersonating a Red Kingdom celebrity, all to follow the leads and solve the Timepiece's puzzle before she's taken and Winter's last Carrier of Truth is silenced forever.

A Heart as Red as Paint is the second installment of The Winter Souls Series; a faith-based Christmas collection for teens, with characters from old holiday legends and folklore.

Praise for The Winter Souls Series:

"Wow, I loved this book This book was a magical twist between Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and Spirited Away, yet somehow read as effortlessly original. The descriptions are vivid and really make you feel like you're freezing, trudging through snow, or drinking the best hot chocolate of your life. It was gripping, fast paced, and full of action, yet not lacking in heart. High recommend for young YA readers upwards."

- USA Today Bestselling author Alice Ivinya

"The Chronicles of Narnia meets Harry Potter. This fantastic winter tale is the perfect blend of classic portal fantasy and the magical world co-existing with our own. This magical Christian fantasy adventure totally hits the spot and got everything right. It is a beautiful reminder of what is truly important in life."

- USA Today Bestselling author Astrid V. J.

"A Soul as Cold as Frost instantly transports you into a magical world that the whole family will adore. Fans of Chronicles of Narnia will be thrilled with this new wintery adventure "

- Nikki Mitchell, author of Nightshade Forest

"Whimsical, action-packed, clean, and completely immersive."

- Goodreads Review

Product Details
ISBN: 9781990555220
ISBN-10: 1990555225
Publisher: Winter Publishing House
Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
Pages: 420
Language: English