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This short, creative, unsettling novel follows an unnamed teenager narrator who is stuck on an island off the New Hampshire coast in a separatist community of retirees (self-named The Wrinklies) who begrudgingly let her stay after her grandmother dies and her parents cannot be reached. Season Butler writes with clarity, wit, and rich description. Her imagination is on clear display and produced an immersive, memorable read. The book is quiet and character-driven, exploring generational distrust & misunderstanding, the end of the world, and a person’s worth.

— Holly


"Terribly moving. A clear-sighted, poignant rumination on loneliness, love, the melancholy of age and of youth--and, in its quiet way, the end of the world."-- China Mi ville, author of Perdido Street StationAn utterly original coming-of-age tale, marked by wrenching humor and staggering charisma, about a young woman resisting the savagery of adulthood in a community of the elderly rejecting the promise of youth."It's too hot for most of the clothes I packed to come here, when I thought this would only be for a week or two. My mother kissed me with those purple-brown lips of hers and said, we'll be back, hold tight."

Seventeen-year-old Kid doesn't know where her parents are. They left her with her grandmother Lolly, promising to return soon. That was months ago. Now, Lolly is dead and Kid is alone, stranded ten miles off the coast of New Hampshire on tiny Swan Island. Unable to reach her parents, and with no other relatives to turn to, Kid works for a neighbor, airbrushing the past--digitally retouching family photos and movies--to earn enough money to survive.

Surrounded by the vast ocean, Kid's temporary home is no ordinary vacation retreat. The island is populated by an idiosyncratic group of elderly separatists who left behind the youth-obsessed mainland--"the Bad Place"--to create their own alternative community. These residents call themselves the Swans. Kid calls them the Wrinklies. Even as Kid tries to be good and quiet and patient, the adolescent's presence unnerves the Swans, turning some downright hostile. They don't care if she has nowhere to go, they just want her gone. She is a reminder of all they've left behind and are determined to forget.

But Kid isn't the only problem threatening the insular community. Swan Island is eroding into the rising sea, threatening the Swans' very existence there. To find a way forward, the Kid must come to terms with the realities of her life and an unknown future that is hers alone to embrace.

Season Butler makes her literary debut with an ambitious work of bold imagination. Tough and tender, compassionate and ferocious, intelligent and provocative, Cygnet is a meditation on death and life, past and future, aging and youth, memory and forgetting, that explores what it means to find acceptance--of things past and those to come.

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ISBN: 9781982607227
ISBN-10: 198260722X
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: June 25th, 2019
Language: English