Cracked Pot (Paperback)

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When Vince Montague's wife perishes in a tragic car accident, he is plunged into a world of grief. After weeks of loneliness and despair, he begins to explore his wife's pottery studio in the wild hills of Northern California, teaching himself to mix clay, throw a pot, fire a kiln, trim and glaze. Just as his grief is ebbing and his future in clay is looking bright, a wildfire advances upon his studio and threatens to destroy everything he has created.

Cracked Pot is a singular book: a story of love lost and the labyrinthine path through grief; a meditation on the craft of pottery and its power to inspire and restore; a rumination on the life of a writer and the refuge of words; an examination of how generational family trauma can shape an artist. Montague's haunting memoir is a kaleidoscopic and redemptive reading experience, one that serves to remind its readers about the cracks and the light.

"Cracked Pot is a soul-baring memoir of love, creativity, loss, grief, and creativity again."

--Benjamin Dreyer, New York Times bestselling author of Dreyer's English

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ISBN: 9781957607092
ISBN-10: 1957607092
Publisher: Latah Books
Publication Date: February 21st, 2023
Pages: 252
Language: English