A Whistleblower's Requiem (Paperback)

A Whistleblower's Requiem By Michael K. Willis Cover Image
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Michael K. Willis never imagined he'd become a whistleblower when he accepted a position as the assistant administrator at Bradley Memorial Hospital. This memoir details the real-life events that led him to file a lawsuit against his boss under the Tennessee Whistleblower Act. This news rocked the small southern town located in the Appalachian Mountains' western foothills, as the hospital was a renowned institution. Hospital Administrator Jim Whitlock was under indictment, and Willis's ethical standards would not let him look the other way. He would not be blamed or become the scapegoat. Instead, he would act to save his job and ensure the truth prevailed.

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ISBN: 9781953021571
ISBN-10: 1953021573
Publisher: Belle Isle Books
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English