The Enigma Beyond (Paperback)

The Enigma Beyond By Charles V. Breakfield, Roxanne E. Burkey Cover Image
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Automation of humanity's demise - Artificial intelligence

Technologists make computers faster. Computers are ingesting all the data from around the world, good, bad, or indifferent.

These machines can think-big mistake.

Decision making wars between Artificially Intelligence supercomputers and humans recently kicked into overdrive. Algorithms deliver manufactured choices to individuals and organizations to growing number of personal devices to drive decisions. Continued seduction of mankind becomes eminent unless stopped by our champions.

R-Group, information experts, leverage their next generation youth to rise to the new threats of modern technology. These evolving specialists are poised to compete with complex adversaries run by greedy technological geniuses.

Training of new R-Group family members is real-time cyber assault events. Working with ICABOD, R-Group's treasured supercomputer, is their best weapon for this battle.

MAG, the consortium of global technology predators, united to bring their insidious plans for technology domination to the world stage.

Everyone caught in the cyber crosshairs realize time's up

Technical oligopolies want to dictate their terms for control of political, political, healthcare, finances, and orbiting defense systems.

Can the champions of the R-Group intercept the MAG group?

Who will win the AI wars?

What readers are saying -

"This latest book in the series is a wake-up call about AI and robots, giving you a feeling of being too close to home.?

"It is an edge of your seat, mind-blowing, realistic and far-reaching thriller that will leave you with nightmares. These are the monsters one cannot see, but they are there, nonetheless."

"Another great adventure towards the end of the series. There is always something to learn."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781946858405
ISBN-10: 1946858404
Publisher: Enigma Partnership LLC
Publication Date: January 7th, 2020
Pages: 386
Language: English
Series: Enigma