The Biography of a Woman Who Did It All (Paperback)

The Biography of a Woman Who Did It All By Joyce Robertson Cover Image
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An amazing recap of the life of a plain country girl with a 7th grade education who dared to dream. Clara (Morale) Broussard accomplished many things in her lifetime that women back in those days would not even think of doing. She is a strong woman who believes in going after what she wants, no matter how hard it is. Her strong will and determination to achieve (even at the age of 93) has set her far above her peers. Clara's loving generosity is the primary reason for her raising 11 children as her own, while only giving birth to one. Her sense of caring over the years has enabled her to be a caregiver to a countless number of people. Her sense of humor is paralleled by none and she uses it effectively to relate to all generations. This recap of her life story cannot possibly capture everything, but hopefully it will give the reader a glimpse of her life and how she lived it. She is an inspiration to all women, those back in her day as well as those in the present. She is loved by many and will truly be remembered as "A Woman who Did it All".

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ISBN: 9781937911683
ISBN-10: 1937911683
Publisher: Heavenly Realm Publishing Company
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2013
Pages: 128
Language: English