Modern Masters Volume 15: Mark Schultz (Modern Masters SC) (Paperback)

Modern Masters Volume 15: Mark Schultz (Modern Masters SC) By Eric Nolen-Weathington, Mark Schultz (Artist) Cover Image


  • The mid-'80s was the age of independent comics. It was also the age of thedinosaur, thanks to Mark Schultz and Xenozoic Tales Evocative of themaster illustrators of the early 1900s, but with a decidedly modern flair, Schultz's artwork stood out like a beacon from the fare of the day. Schultz hasalso written various Superman, Aliens, and Predator comics, as well as a novel featuring DC's Flash, and is currently writing thePrince Valiant newspaper strip. But his drawing alone -- includinghis exquisite Conan book illustrations -- makes him a true ModernMaster

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ISBN: 9781893905856
ISBN-10: 1893905853
Publisher: Two Morrows Publishing
Publication Date: December 25th, 2007
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: Modern Masters SC