Social Acceptance Of Third Gender (Paperback)

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Although Sex and Gender seem to be closely related yet, they are different from each other. Sex is a biological given and gender is a social construct. The term Sex refers to biological status as male or female. It comprises of certain physical attributes such as sex chromosomes, sex hormones, gonads, internal reproductive structures, and external genitalia. The term Gender refers to the ways the people act or feel about themselves as men and women according to the roles constructed by the Society for men and women. In simple words, we can say that the Sex can be differentiated into male and female while Gender can be differentiated into masculine and feminine. Most commonly, when we talk about gender, only two genders are considered but, apart from these two genders, there is also a third gender which has been an integral part of society. It is a section of society which has been ignored in history and has been kept separate from the mainstream. Recently, not only at the world level but also in India, their existence has been legally recognized. These third gender group or individual, who neither comes in male or female. They have different identities in society. Hijras is a south Asian term and are described in South Asian culture. In Hijras inter sex people are also involved. They are neither males nor females. The identity of Hijras is from their Hijra community. Hijras consider themselves to take rebirth by getting the castration done through religious act called as "Nirwaan". The castration involves cutting of the male genital organs. Transgender identify themselves by gender orientation not as a member of a community.

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