The Tale of Jackson: A Neverland Legacy Story (Paperback)

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Neverland, one of many islands in Limbo on the Ocean of Souls, is a place of comfort for those young boys who lost their lives early in the Real-World and are not ready to cross into the afterlife. Their guide, Peter Pan, is a legacy passed onto the next suitable boy who is chosen by the Fae sent to oversee the Guides of Neverland.

What happens when that Fae's favorite Pan decides to rightfully leave Neverland and grow old with his Wendy when he finds her? The choice to bring him back decades later without considering the ramifications leads to a series of events that not only destroys his family but any friendship between the Fae and him.

This story is about that Pan's first-born son as he finds himself dealing with more unexpected loss. Hallucinations plague him with a destiny he refuses to accept; a pirate's life never held appeal to him.


With the unexpected deaths of his parents, Jackson becomes fixated on his younger brother's wellbeing, determined to protect him during his grief. When his brother's strange behavior leads to a fatal incident, he blames himself for not saving his brother sooner.

Later, his own daughter begins exhibiting the same behaviors his brother had a decade earlier and unexplainable events resume in his childhood home. Jackson begins to question his own reality when his younger brother reappears, untouched by time, along with other ghosts from the past.

When his daughter is taken, he can no longer ignore or deny the unusual happenings. Thrown into a new world by an unlikely ally to bring his daughter home, Jackson is granted a second chance to save his brother and right the wrong done by an old friend of his father's.


Content contains/mentions mature themes such as: death, mental illness, alcohol use, mild explicit language.

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ISBN: 9781738957705
ISBN-10: 1738957705
Publisher: T.D. Ross
Publication Date: January 19th, 2024
Pages: 446
Language: English