Persistent Pandemonium II (Paperback)

Persistent Pandemonium II By D'Lashelle Porter Cover Image
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It's a good thing God's grace is so amazing because Junie still needs a lot more of it. A few years later, after losing JahVay in a prison fight, she finds her health failing her. Her new love, Genesis, is considering 'popping the question' so he demands that she remain at his place to aide in her healing process. While staying at his place, she learns that he may be having extracurricular activities with his ex-wife and possibly the lady across the street.

Junie connected with an old flame from back in the day. He is doing very well for himself and propositions Junie to be with him instead of Genesis.

There are smiles all around when the lottery numbers come out, but there's no chance of spending the money when Junie and her ride or die BFF, NeNe's past comes back to hunt them. The scandals continue as their pandemonium persists.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734650471
ISBN-10: 1734650478
Publisher: L.A.L.A. Enterprise LLC
Publication Date: September 12th, 2022
Pages: 244
Language: English