The Princess Who Forgot Her Name (Paperback)

The Princess Who Forgot Her Name By Isabella Axelsson Cover Image
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Magdalen is your ordinary rebellious princess. Temperamental, sarcastic, and overly curious, she is always getting into trouble. However, one summer, she is sent away from her parents' castle and accidentally upsets a cranky old sorcerer, who curses her with forgetfulness. Unable to remember her name, Princess Magdalen struggles to find her way home. Luckily, her path crosses with that of an annoyed stranger, who reluctantly agrees to help her. Through a series of hilarious events, Magdalen and her new friend learn to get along with each other as they outsmart royal guards and avoid the clutches of the powerful Lord Vasquez, who thinks Magdalen is a dangerous traitor to the crown due to rumors spread by his trusted friend, Gromedark. As the princess returns to her home, one question continually haunts her: will her parents be able to recognize her? Join Magdalen in her fantastical exploits to find out Isabella Axelsson is an avid reader who took her love of books to the next level by deciding to write and illustrate her own books. Though her family has moved several times across the U.S., she has kept a collection of old novels with her and written many stories for fun. After years of writing and encouragement from family and friends, she felt led to seriously pursue the path to authorship. Now, her dream is to become an accomplished librarian who can proudly display her own books at her local library in Maryland.

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ISBN: 9781662837920
ISBN-10: 1662837925
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 9th, 2022
Pages: 162
Language: English