Soul Ties: A Ghetto Love Story (Paperback)

Soul Ties: A Ghetto Love Story By Wjuanae Cover Image
By Wjuanae
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Soul Ties is a story of love, loyalty, and betrayal. Will Chance and Nina be able to escape this web of deceit unscathed? Will their love be able to withstand yet another trying test, or will they watch everything they built crumble before them?

True love and loyalty are hard to come by. Chance McKnight and Nina Singleton have just that. Nina, a multifaceted beauty, and Chance, an ambitious hustler, are two lovers from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose souls aligned at a young age. Together, the couple amassed $5 million of dirty money over the years and finally set their sights on beginning a new life in Atlanta.

On the day of their move, the couple is ambushed by a foe from their past. Dire circumstances compel Nina to start a new life in Atlanta without Chance by her side. Nina meets a mysteriously handsome stranger, Yasin, who quickly takes an interest in her. A few months later, the same enemy from Nina's past threatens her life, and she is rescued by the person she least expects: Chance. 

Secrets and lies tear Nina and Chance apart yet again. Nina remains in Atlanta and begins a family of her own, while Chance sets up shop in Miami, where a bigger threat lurks. Years later, Nina shows up on Chance's doorstep with a secret that will not only reunite the two lovers but also put a target on their backs.

About the Author

Wjuanae was born and raised in North Carolina. Since her childhood days, Wjuanae possessed a love for reading and writing. Once she discovered her love for writing fiction, particularly urban fiction, she began penning her own stories. She's currently at work on new titles. Connect with Wjuanae on Facebook @Author Wjuanae for exclusive content and discussions!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781645565390
ISBN-10: 1645565394
Publisher: Urban Renaissance
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English