The Addict (Paperback)

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When a privileged young woman finds herself on the other side of the tracks and addicted to crack, she will have to turn to an unlikely source to save her.

Lisa Lennox's debut novel transports us to the heart of the crack era: The South Bronx, New York, 1989. In the late 80s and early 90s, the crack epidemic swept through inner city communities like the plague. Mothers abandoned their children and took to the street for a hit. Fathers sold everything they owned to get a taste. The crackhead was a permanent fixture in many communities. Some neighborhoods were never the same.

Enter Laci Johnson, a privileged, smart, beautiful teenage girl from across town, who teams up with The South Bronx Bitches, an infamous girl group known for chasing men and money. When the SBB becomes envious of Laci, they devise a plan to destroy her life. Finding love in the most unexpected of places, Laci turns to a local drug dealer to help save her and heal the wounds of her new addiction.

About the Author

Lisa Lennox was born in the Hamptons, New York to strict, affluent and conservative parents. Restricted by family rules, Lisa yearned to break free from the conformist lifestyle. Giving in to her curiosity and attraction to street life, Lennox became pregnant by a Haitian drug dealer and was disowned by her parents. Lennox recently graduated from an East Coast university with a major in English. Lennox is working as a staff writer for a local trade magazine. In her free time, she does freelance editing work for other Urban Fiction writers.

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ISBN: 9781645564843
ISBN-10: 1645564843
Publisher: Urban Books
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English