Marked at Birth (Paperback)

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What do you do if people say you are born with the “mark of the devil,” especially in Jamaica where many believe in the spirits of good and evil? If you are Isabella “Bella” Pigmore, born with a birthmark so pronounced that she faces ridicule for most of her young life, you feel bad—very bad.

Growing up feeling like a freak, Bella clings to the only support she has, her mother. But when her mother dies under mysterious circumstances and she is left alone with her abusive father, Bella suffers dearly at the hands of the man who should protect her.

Leaving her hometown of Clarendon, Jamaica, behind, Bella travels to a new town, hoping to become invisible in a parish where she isn’t known by anyone. But once again, the people she should be able to trust betray her in the worst possible way. Bella becomes a pawn in a twisted, treacherous plot with murderous ramifications. As her life spirals out of control, will she find the power and resilience to fight for the only thing that now matters in her life? Will Bella be able to rise above her low self-esteem to realize that she is beautiful and wonderfully made in the image of God?

About the Author

Theresa A. Campbell is the author of the soul-fulfilling, entertaining novels, Are You There, God?, God Has Spoken, and His Final Deal. Her first novel, Are You There God?, was selected as a Must-Read HEA romance in 2015 by USA Today.

Theresa hails from Jamaica, West Indies. Growing up in rural Jamaica without electricity until she was about 11 years old, Theresa spent her time reading. The lack of modern amenities did not detract from her creativity; in a sense, it improved her ability to see the ending of a story from a different perspective.

Theresa’s sense of purpose is entrenched in the belief that God is always there for us, and she knows in her heart that she has to share this with her readers. It's Theresa's objective to keep it real at all times in her books so everyone can relate to her characters. Visit her online at:

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ISBN: 9781645564652
ISBN-10: 1645564657
Publisher: Urban Renaissance
Publication Date: February 21st, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English