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In this bright, laugh-out-loud rom-com, the grind of the millennial struggle is a lot more fun when you add falling in love to the mix, perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey and Beth O’Leary.

Isla Jane is living the millennial nightmare. She’s got a shiny new MBA and no way to pay for it, thanks to her dead-end entry-level job, and nowhere to live, thanks to her miserable salary. Going home to her parents is not possible, but for once Isla’s brother may be her saving grace. He’s out of town on business for a month, meaning the guest room in his condo is blissfully empty.

Or so Isla thinks, until she runs into Cade Greenley, her brother’s best friend—who’s crashing there while his own condo is undergoing renovations. When a desperate plan to sleep under her desk miraculously turns into a house-sitting job for one of the big bosses at her office, Isla is certain her luck has turned—with no one, Cade included, the wiser. It’s a perfect solution—until Cade catches her sunbathing at a mansion that is definitely not hers, and she admits she’s house-sitting because she can’t afford rent.

The pair strike a deal—Cade will keep Isla’s secret from her overbearing parents if she agrees to pose as his girlfriend at a few upcoming corporate events. The fun and friendly vibe of his office is a surprise compared to hers, but the biggest shock is that each “date” with Cade feels less and less fake. Suddenly she’s looking forward to every minute they spend together while the chemistry between them sizzles. As Isla’s house-sitting scheme begins to unravel, she'll have to face the fact that her biggest lie of all is the one she's telling herself: that she's not falling in love with Cade.

About the Author

Sonia Hartl is an author of YA and adult romance. When she’s not writing, she enjoys board games with her family, attempting to keep her garden alive, or looking up craft projects she’ll never get around to completing on Pinterest. She lives in Michigan with her spouse and two daughters.

Praise For…

Praise for Rent to Be:
“[A] funny, steamy, and heartfelt romance . . . Perfect for readers searching for their next friends-to-lovers meets fake-dating fix.”
Library Journal

“In Rent to Be, Sonia Hartl shows why "brother's best friend" is a top trope! Isla is a loveable mess, Cade is so hot and stealthily kind, and the tension and banter between the two was electric. Throw in some commentary on class warfare and the need for financial literacy and I could not have been sold any harder. I know this book will live in my head rent-free!” 
―Alicia Thompson, bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

Rent To Be is so relatable and funny! I couldn’t gobble it up fast enough. A+ execution of the brother’s best friend trope, and an all-around very fun read.”
―Sarah Hogle, author of Twice Shy

Rent To Be is Sonia Hartl at her best. She adeptly blends the realities of student debt in the 21st century with an engrossing story of childhood friends to lovers, offering readers a romance that is equal parts funny, sexy, and incredibly poignant.” 
―Jenny L. Howe, author of The Make-Up Test and On The Plus Side

Rent To Be is the perfect romance for the millennial generation. This one hit all the right notes, managing to be deeply relatable and incredibly swoonworthy in equal measure. I found myself nodding in understanding at all the conversations around money management, then clutching my hand over my heart at the oh-so-sweet connection between Isla and her brother's lifelong best friend, Cade.”
―Bridget Morrissey, author of Love Scenes and A Thousand Miles

Rent To Be deftly combines all the traits I love in a romcom with a searing look at the financial realities of life as a millennial, and the result is one of my favorite books of the year. Hartl's witty banter and unique voice completely drew me in! The romance is a trope-filled wonder, the perfect balance of steam and heart, and Isla and Cade jumped to the top of my favorite book couples list. Isla's heartbreakingly realistic financial struggles were an equally powerful punch to the heart. This is a romcom with something to say, and I loved every single word!” 
―Falon Ballard, author of Just My Type

“Brisk banter, brother's best friend, and biting social commentary create rom-com perfection in Rent To Be. Isla is a relatable mess you can’t help but root for, and her growth is as deeply satisfying as her romance with swoony, secretly pining Cade. Hilarious, astute, and so very sexy―this is Sonia Hartl at her effervescent best.” 
―Jen Devon, author of Bend Toward the Sun

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ISBN: 9781639104345
ISBN-10: 1639104348
Publisher: Alcove Press
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English