The Prison Guard's Daughter: My Journey Through the Ashes of Attica (Paperback)

The Prison Guard's Daughter: My Journey Through the Ashes of Attica By Deanne Quinn Miller, Gary Craig (With), Malcolm Bell (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Deanne Quinn Miller, Gary Craig (With), Malcolm Bell (Foreword by)
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On the 50th anniversary of America's deadliest prison riot comes a prison-guard daughter's quest to uncover the truth about her father's murder during the uprising―a story of crossing racial divides, befriending inmates and correctional officers alike, and challenging the state to reveal and pay for its malfeasance.

Deanne Quinn Miller was five years old when her father-William "Billy" Quinn-was murdered in the first minutes of the Attica Prison Riot, the only corrections officer to die at the hands of inmates. But how did he die? Who were the killers? Those questions haunted Dee and wreaked havoc on her psyche for thirty years. Finally, when she joined the Forgotten Victims of Attica, she began to find answers. This began the process of bringing closure not only for herself but for the other victims' families, the former prisoners she met, and all of those who perished on September 13, 1971-the day of the "retaking," when New York State troopers and corrections officers at the Attica Correctional facility slaughtered twenty-nine rioting prisoners and ten hostages in a hail of gunfire.

In The Prison Guard's Daughter, Dee brings readers in on her lifelong mission for the truth and justice for the Attica survivors and the families of the men who lost their lives. But the real win was the journey that crossed racial and criminal-justice divides: befriending infamous Attica prisoner Frank "Big Black" Smith, meeting Richard Clark and other inmates who tried to carry her father to safety after his beating, and learning what life was like for all of the people―prisoners and prison employees alike―inside Attica. As Miller lays bare the truth about her father's death, the world inside Attica, and the state's reckless raid and coverup, she conveys a narrative of compassionate humanity and a call for prison reform.

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