Shifting Culture "Revival, Revolution or Ruin" (Paperback)

Shifting Culture
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Shifting Culture: Revival, Revolution or Ruin is a prime example of citizen activism that reaches out to Tea Party activists, Independents, Democrats and Republicans alike. The majority of Americans, appalled at the downward shift in the American culture and distressed with their government, want to prevent the country they love from slipping into the abyss. Shifting Culture outlines why we should be terrified, who is at fault and how to reverse the damage. Is the United States of America in need of a revival, awaiting a revolution or on the precipice of ruin? Shifting Culture clearly illustrates how we have been controlled, manipulated and purposefully divided. Readers will finally understand why societal changes have debased our culture, our faith and our country. Citizens will be infuriated at the abuse, corruption and treasonous acts of those placed in power to protect and defend the Constitution and then realize the urgent need to take action. Shifting Culture offers the reader the power and beauty of our heritage and our Constitution and releases the stranglehold of misinformation, innuendo and blatant lies that shackle political decisions. Lee lays out five critical facets required for the revival and restoration of American culture to combat the evil that is real and persuasive in the United States. Interwoven throughout Shifting Culture are disturbing trails of power and greed, constitutional treachery, deceit and treasonous acts. Be forewarned. American history began with the settling of America. This current phase will end with the unsettling of Americans. What our country becomes, therefore, is in the hands of American citizens. Shifting Culture is a history reminder, a large dose of common sense, faith, tradition, civics, life-altering choices and consequences. Lee goes against the pundits who believe the Tea Party is hell bent on returning the country to the eighteenth-century and skillfully guides readers through a timeline of events that will enlighten, shock, and anger Americans. Shifting Culture is a call to the silent centered majority of Americans who will not be silenced any longer. Reviews "A MUST READ for anyone who cares about the concepts on which our country was founded." -- Raynor James, Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association "Wow... Shifting Culture is a glimpse at America through the eyes of a true patriot. It's a look at the history of this great country and puts into words many of the feelings that other Americans have been trying to express for a long time. The question, "How did we get here and what do we do now?" will be foremost in your mind as you read about the love as well as the heartbreak that this writer feels for our country." -- Joyce Krawiec, FreedomWorks "Author C.A. Lee loves her country and is struggling to make sense of how it has gotten so badly off-track and what is needed to get us back in line. As she says, "You do not have to be an expert car mechanic to know something is wrong with you car and you certainly don't have to be an expert on politics to know the country is in trouble." Shifting Culture is unlike other books, written by politicians, academia, political pundits, or media-controlled journalists because Lee offers the viewpoint of a "spiked-haired great-grandmother" who remembers the simpler days when Americans' lives and affairs weren't so micromanaged by the federal government. Ms. Lee might be an ordinary citizen without legal or political training or experience, but she shares the same sense of urgency for attention to our country's underlying problems and a restoration of our fundamental American values that millions of citizens share all over this country." -- Diane Rufino, Eastern NC Tea Party.

About the Author

C.A. Lee is an activist, political speaker and is ferociously patriotic. A spiked-haired, great-grandmother who refuses to remain silent. When asked, "Who are you to write this book?" Lee's reply, "I am the voice of concerned citizens verbalizing what they think, but who fearfully refuse to articulate. Three of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence. Their sacrifice and courage gives me the courage to speak out."

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