Library of Misremembered Books (Hardcover)

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How do you find a book when you can't recall the title.or the author? This homage to a common reader's dilemma is a gift the booklover in your life won't soon forget.

Readers know all too well the comedy and tragedy of forgetting the name of a must-find book. Inspired by this torturous predicament, artist Marina Luz creates paintings of books based on the descriptions we use when we can't remember their titles—mining Internet book-search forums for the quirky, vague, and often hilarious language we come up with in these moments. This volume collects dozens of these imaginary books into a library all their own: Titles like "Cat, Possibly Named Henry," "It Was All a Dream," or "Something-Something, Beverly Hills" inspire dreaming up their contents, often as entertaining as trying to guess the real book behind them. A celebration of book love unlike any other, this petite book is a clever gift for bibliophiles that will spark knowing smiles.

PERFECT GIFT FOR BOOKLOVERS: The collection will spark recognition for everyone who has encountered this phenomenon (so, virtually every reader) and especially those who have worked in a bookstore, who know intimately well how often this dilemma arises. This impulse-priced delight is an excellent way to make book-loving friends feel seen.

A UNIQUE APPRECIATION OF BOOK LOVE: This is a loving tribute to the wonderful and bizarre ways that books leave impressions on our souls, if not always perfectly in our memories. It's a fun and fresh appreciation of bibliophilia that still delivers long after the first read.

Perfect for:

• Bibliophiles
• Booksellers
• People seeking gifts for the booklovers in their life

About the Author

Marina Luz is an award-winning illustrator whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Vice, and ProPublica, among other publications. She runs her illustration and design studio Honeylux out of Oakland, California. She found these descriptions during her own search for a forgotten book, Iceberg Shows Up Overnight in Front of Hotel.

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ISBN: 9781452171593
ISBN-10: 1452171599
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Pages: 96
Language: English