In the Black (Paperback)

In the Black By Joe Lerner Cover Image
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Against hundred to one odds, the Ravens fly obsolete aircraft through the rottenest flying weather in the world. Their mission: to fight a war no one admits waging, in the ruggedest unexplored terrain on the planet. Their goal: to prevent the North Vietnamese from outflanking the Vietnam War and overrunning Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Disowned by their country, the Ravens wage a ferocious battle for honor, victory, and survival. Joe Lerner is pitched into this whirlwind of violence when he is forced into the Air Force. His trip into the black netherworld of espionage is a descent into a shadow play of deceit. It is a world where you can drink beer with your enemies at night, your friends can unexpectedly vanish forever, and your superiors can be as dangerous as your adversaries. It's all to easy to die horribly in this obscure melee in the dark. It's even easier for personal humanity to perish. The dilemma for Joe is, What price survival?

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ISBN: 9780595407149
ISBN-10: 0595407145
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: November 20th, 2006
Pages: 260
Language: English