Loved Clothes Last: How the Joy of Rewearing and Repairing Your Clothes Can Be a Revolutionary Act (Paperback)

Loved Clothes Last: How the Joy of Rewearing and Repairing Your Clothes Can Be a Revolutionary Act By Orsola de Castro Cover Image


The ultimate guide from Fashion Revolution activist Orsola de Castro on how to love, mend and repair your clothes in the fight against fast fashion.

Running out of space for the clothes you can't stop buying? Curious about how you can make a difference to the environmental challenges our planet faces? Join Orsola's care revolution and learn to make the clothes you love, last longer.

This book will equip you with a myriad of ways to mend, rewear and breathe new life into your wardrobe to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. By teaching you to scrutinize your shopping habits and make sustainable purchases, she will inspire you to buy better, care more and reduce your carbon footprint by simply making your loved clothes last longer.

Following Orsola's practical tips to lavish care and attention on the clothes you already own will not only have a positive environmental impact, but will be personally rewarding too: hand wash, steam and spot clean your clothes, air dry instead of tumble drying, or revive your clothes by sewing or crocheting.

Fast fashion leaves behind a trail of human and environmental exploitation. Our wardrobes don't have to be the finish line; they can be a starting point. We can all care, repair and rewear. Do you accept the challenge?

About the Author

Orsola de Castro is spearheading a global movement calling for change in the fashion industry. After founding Fashion Revolution in 2013, she pioneered a global campaign in response to the Rana Plaza factory collapse and became an internationally recognized opinion leader in sustainable fashion.

Orsola is an Associate Lecturer at UAL, Visiting Fellow at CSM and a keynote speaker, educator and mentor. She is a leading speaker on fashion and sustainability. She has partnered with individuals like Lily Cole, Stella McCartney, Lauren Laverne and Emma Watson at Fashion Revolution.

Praise For…

"Orsola's writing is musical and I hear her song through every word. It's important that everyone with an interest in fashion reads this book so we can live on a healthier planet." —Arizona Muse, model

"An incredibly thoughtful, must-read guide to future-proofing our wardrobes and most importantly the planet [...] Loved Clothes Last will change the way you see your wardrobe and how our day to day actions impact the environment." —Kenya Hunt, Fashion Director, Grazia UK

"The most timely book you'll read this year. We all know that the people who make our clothes are mistreated and underpaid, and we all feel a free-floating anxiety about it. But what to do? This brilliant, witty, eye-opening book will tell you." —India Knight

"This book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the fashion industry as an outsider and wants direction as to where we go next. The industry is often shrouded in mystery and this book breaks it down in bite size pieces." —Aja Barber, writer, activist and fashion consultant

Product Details
ISBN: 9780241461150
ISBN-10: 0241461154
Publisher: Penguin Life
Publication Date: May 1st, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English