Born to Read Book Club


We're all feeling a little cooped up right now, especially young people with lots of energy to spare. Who doesn't want to hit the road in search of a little adventure? Well, we may not be able to hit the road, but we can still go on a journey together into books in search of some fun!

Join George O'Connor, author of the New York Times bestselling Olympians graphic novel series and Nicole Swift, WORD Kids & YA manager as they explore the latest and greatest in high-octane thrills and action adventure fiction for young readers. Every month the book club meeting starts with a chat between book club attendees and George and Nicole so we can talk about what we read.

But what's even more fun about this journey? Well, the only thing more exciting than reading books is meeting the authors who wrote them! After our short chat, we'll bring in the actual author of the book for an exclusive talk and live Q&A! You get to read, you get to talk about reading, you get to ask questions about reading to the people who made the books! 


Move over Indiana Jones, step aside Han Solo, watch out other various Harrison Ford characters... some adventurers are born to raid... and some are Born to Read.