Teachers always go above and beyond to make learning interesting and fun, and this past year has been no exception. Educators have worked hard to engage students in the virtual classroom and adapt to the ever-changing challenges of teaching in this brave new world. We all know teachers put in a lot of work (and often their own cash) towards making the learning environment engaging and ensuring there are good books available in their classrooms. We at WORD want to celebrate those efforts and offer our help however we can, so we've set up this page where Book Fairies (anonymous WORD customers) can donate the purchase of a book or two to help expand classroom libraries and keep students engaged in reading a variety of voices.  


How you can become a Book Fairy:

  • Just scroll below to view the available wishlists.

Click on any image and you'll be transported to the teacher's wishlist on our Bookshop.org affiliate page. 

Select a book from the wishlist and Add to Cart to purchase. All books are automatically 10% off. 

Enter the corresponding address provided here on this page (most are being delivered to the teacher's school).

Place your order and give yourself a high five!




Books for Ms. Berman should be mailed to: 

Watchung Elementary
c/o Ms Berman
14 Garden St.
Montclair, NJ 07042




Books for Ms. Cartagena should be mailed to: 

Cornelia F. Bradford, PS 16
c/o Ms Cartagena
96 Sussex Street
Jersey City, NJ,  07302




Books for Mr. Sarkowicz should be mailed to: 





Books for Ms. Cox should be mailed to: 

Saratgoa Springs High School
c/o Ms. Cox
1 Blue Streak Blvd.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866




Books for Ms. Morris should be mailed to: 

PS 007K
c/o Ms. Morris
858 Jamaica Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222



FOR TEACHERS: If you'd like to participate and create a wishlist, just visit our Teacher Appreciation page for instructions